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Family Merryweather

Herbert Merryweather

Herbert Merryweather Jr. Co-Owner at the Helm of the Restaurant and the Charter fishing boat has been involved in the family business since he was in high school. After college he came back and settled in at Driftwood and took the reigns of the restaurant and the fishing charter.

Francine De Lannoy

Founder of the Driftwood Restaurant and mentor to her son Herbert, Francine left teaching to become a restaurateur. After giving Herbert the reigns to the family business, Francine is still often found on site directing the busy dining room.

Catch your own fish

Want to experience the surrounding waters? Join us for a great deep-sea fishing experience and catch your own dinner! Our Driftwood Charter yacht is available daily for fishing and fun. After a day of fishing, we will arrange a table for you at the Driftwood Restaurant where you can enjoy your fresh catch just the way you like it.


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  • “I really want to go on the Fishing Charter too.”
    Vacation Hugger
  • “Nice meal - best bread basket in the world (really)”
    Bruce W
  • “Excellent local fish. Very fresh.”
    Morris B
  • “Pretty much a tourist go-to place.”